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New Client Information



My practice is currently closed to new clients and former clients wishing to return to services. I am not maintaining a waitlist or able to respond to inquiries.

I welcome your call to briefly discuss your current struggles and answer questions you may have about medication management with brief supportive therapy. If my practice seems like a good "fit" for your needs, we will schedule an initial appointment. Commonly, the soonest availability for an intake is approximately two months after our phone consultation. Please note I typically return messages during my office hours on Tuesdays from 9 am to 4:30 pm.

Prior to Initial Session


After an initial appointment has been scheduled, you will receive an email to create an onpatient client portal account where you will electronically complete and sign intake forms. The forms must be completed before we can meet. The PDF versions are available for your review and updated as indicated. 


Informed Consent & Practice Policies

Telehealth Informed Consent

Financial Policies

Notice of Privacy Practices

New Client Questionnaire

Release of Information (ROI)


Please notify me if you cannot access the electronic forms. If we are meeting though telehealth, I can help guide you through the process remotely. If you are unable to complete the forms electronically once in-person sessions resume, I will ask that you arrive at least 35 minutes prior to our appointment to complete the forms. We can address any related questions and/or concerns during our first meeting.


My contracted professional biller, Camille Pasarow, will message you before your initial session to collect your mental health insurance information and a payment card to keep on file. You may contact her directly at camilleantonia@gmail.comIt is highly recommended you contact your insurance provider well before our appointment to verify fees to be collected at time of service. 

My preferred form of communication is through the confidential onpatient client portal, followed by email for scheduling purposes, then voicemail. Please note email is not a confidential form of communication as it is not encrypted or secure. Correspondence by email does not constitute a provider-client relationship. 

Initial Session

Please prepare the following to your initial appointment:

  • List of medications with dosage strength & instructions, or actual bottles (including over-the-counter medications, contraception/hormones, vitamin/herbal supplements)

  • Completed Releases of Information (ROI) forms for each person/entity with whom it would be helpful for us coordinate care, such as your therapist, previous psychiatric providers, primary care provider, and/or medical specialist(s)

  • Copies of any/all Comprehensive Psychological or Educational Assessments/Evaluations

  • Your copayment, coinsurance, deductible, or payment for session in full will be processed using your payment card on file by my contracted professional biller, Camille Pasarow. Prior arrangements must be made for cash or check payment. ​

Session Duration and Frequency

Sessions are conducted through telehealth. Established clients can request to resume in-person sessions.

  • Initial session is typically 120 minutes

  • Medication management appointments with brief supportive therapy for individuals can range from 30-60 minutes, occurring every 2 weeks to 3 months depending on your level of distress/relief and/or if potential medication changes are discussed or implemented.

  • Multiple cancelled appointments even with advanced notice may subject you to dismissal as a client. 

Medication Refills

It is my standard practice to provide my clients with a sufficient medication supply if you keep scheduled appointments and reschedule promptly. If you are unable to attend an appointment and are running low on your medication, you are responsible for rescheduling with enough time to prevent you from running out of your medication. Medication changes will be addressed during your appointment. I recognize unforeseen circumstances may arise. If you request your pharmacy fax me a refill authorization to (503) 925-4196 ideally at least 1 week before your supply runs out, please also message me via the onpatient client portal verifying you initiated the request. As prescription refills are not emergencies, they will be addressed during regular office hours. Medication refill requests are restricted to current/active clients with a scheduled follow up appointment.

Courage isn't having the strength to go on,
it is going on when you don't have the strength.
~Napoleon Bonaparte

Client Portal for existing clients 

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